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Born to a Punjabi Farmer/Teacher’s House in a small Village,Jatinder Mahuana had a passion for listening and singing from a very young age. He used to listen and sing songs of Punjabi legends Gurdas Mann & Kuldeep Manak on his Chachu’s tape recorder all the time. 

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Born to a Punjabi Teacher’s House in a small Village,Jatinder Mahuana had a passion for listening and singing Punjabi songs since a very young age. He used to listen & sing songs of Punjabi legends Gurdas Mann & Kuldeep Manak on his Chachu’s tape recorder all the time. He was also a big fan of the Lyricists Hardev Dilgir(Dev Tharike Wala),Surjit Patar and Shiv Kumar Batalvi in his younger days and would read thier poetry all the time.He completed his B.Tech in Chemical Engineering from SBCCET Ferozepur and then proceeded on to do M.B.A. from UTS Sydney Australia in 2005 and settled there after completing his studies.In his college days he would often be seen scribbling poetry,songs and would be heard singing along in hostels,corridors and small or large gatherings of friends. After coming to Australia he had a thought of pursuing his dream of becoming a singer after getting through the initial struggles of a foreign country and getting settled,However as time would have it that small delay became a large one and he never actively enquired or tried to pursue it. He would still write some meaningful and beautiful lyrics in his free time and then just put it aside thinking the world had outgrown from nice write-ups and songs.
In 2020 he posted a poem on the plight of International Students in Australia because of the lockdown which touched a lot of hearts in Australia and around the world. Gurpreet Brar a model/MC from Sydney read that poem and was really touched by it.She contacted Jatinder and asked him to do a video of that poem.Jatinder politely declined because of shyness and asked Gurpreet to do one instead. Gurpreet asked for a few fresh write-ups and finally made a video 


 on the poem Vaisakhi in April 2020,which was instantly liked and appreciated by all in Sydney and around the world. From that point on Jatinder and Gurpreet collaborated to present the poetry in a visual form as a story line rather than just a write up. They engaged a local D.O.P./Videographer Manbir Sidhu to shoot the poems in a professional manner.This unique approach came out as a huge success and the thier visual poetry became really popular on social media. After releasing about 15 videos on social media and being liked by thousands of viewers,Jatinder Mahuana decided to take the next step towards singing which was his passion all along. He contacted music composers RD & Guni from Skullbeats and recorded his first song in June 2021. That song has just been released and is expected to touch a lot of hearts in and around the world. While speaking to Dave Sidhu,Jatinder said he always believed that that he could write well and sing well,but didn’t not realize that people would still like it very much as they did in the olden days.He also said that he uses old ancient words in the write ups deliberately hoping that those words are not lost in time and the coming generation remembers them. He is as humble and down to earth as a human being can be and wishes that his mother tongue Punjabi continues to thrive in the coming generations. Being a son of a farmer he has a passion for supporting the cause of indian farmers protesting in Delhi since November 2020 and he has written 47 write ups on the ongoing Kisaan Andolan in India. He has also made 4 videos on those write ups gathering up all the famous social media stars from Australia. When Dave Sidhu asked if anyone else has written as many songs/write ups on Farmers Protest, he politely replied that he doesn’t think so however he wishes in all humility and sincerity that he is wrong and there are other writers who have written more on this matter.
He has just released his new song “Rusvayia” which was received very warmly and is being liked & appreciated by audience’s around the world, he already recorded another song “Not Six Feet” which we would see in the coming months. His visualised poetry projects are ongoing with Gurpreet Brar and they hope to continue making videos on different subjects. He sincerely hopes to make a difference in Punjabi Music World by writing and singing meaningful and inspiring songs so that our coming generations can stay connected to thier roots.


Born on July 24


Bachelors in Chemical Engineering


M.B.A. from UTS Sydney Australia


Published his first Poem


Released his First Single


Released Single


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Jatinder Mahuana

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